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To The Spawning Grounds Of The Grand Basin - Symbiotic Worm

A six foot symbiotic worm living in your forearm capable of snaring small to medium prey.... only thing better is two of them! This way, you double your kill rate and prey size capabilities.

The migratory challenges of the Mobulas, a genus of ray in the family Mobulidae found worldwide in tropical and warm temperate seas, as they travel to the spawning grounds of the Grand Basin; a massive Caldera surrounded by subterranean rivers, aquifers and lakes. The Mobulas can only mate once while they are young and small enough to navigate the meandering caves, often falling prey to predators. Reaching the spawning grounds is only half their journey, as they travel back out to sea, where they'll reach monumental proportions.
Original concepts for a personal project.

(Credit to BadKing for his ZBrush IMM Water Brushes that I used to create the water droplets / splashing water of the rays. Check them out here: )